Undergraduates must complete a petition for each semester they desire enrollment in graduate level courses. 
REQUIREMENTS: In Order for this application to be considered, the student must:
  • Have a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Have a senior standing during the semester they wish to enroll in graduate level classes 
  • Not be enrolled in more than 18 credit hours of combined UG/Grad coursework for the semester
  • Not exceed the limit of 12 credit hours of total graduate coursework allowed as an undergraduate
Student must submit this form to the Office of Graduate Studies no later than the last day to add/drop for the semester and no sooner than the first day of registration. The form will be reviewed and if approved, the student will be administratively added to the graduate level courses by the Registrar's office.
In addition to filling out this form, please download and print this Undergraduate Petition to Enroll in Graduate Level Courses.
The paper form must be signed by your advisor and program director for approval.
Email completed paper form to gradadmission@stmartin.edu.
Please list the graduate course numbers and class titles you plan to take in your senior year (maximum of 12 credits):